Mission Statement: Firebone Theatre produces plays that examine the space "where human meets divine." Their stories primarily focus on the juxtaposition between Fire (immortality) and Bone (mortality).

Brief History: Firebone Theatre was founded in 2005 by Steve Day and Chris Cragin-Day when they produced Chris' play,Deadheading Roses, at The Lamb's Little Theater in Times Square. Since then Firebone has produced and commissioned many new works including plays, musicals, and classical adaptations. The company is currently run by Chris Cragin-Day (Artistic Director) and Hope Chavez (Producing Director). They are in residence with Olmstead Salon, an arts initiative of Calvary St. George church in Gramercy Park, NYC.

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Chris Cragin-Day (Artistic Director, Playwright) As a writer, Chris is an alumna of the Emerging Writer's Group at The Public Theater and The O'Neill National Music Theater Conference. Her plays have been presented in NYC, Atlanta, Texas, North Carolina, Chicago, Oklahoma, LA, DC, and Germany. She has her MFA in Stage Directing from Baylor University. She teaches at The King's College in Manhattan.

Contact: chriscraginday@gmail.com

Hope Chavez (Producing Director)  Hope is a creative producer in New York City who worked and trained under Broadway producer, Marc Routh. Independently, she developed and produced Grant DeArmitt's WATSON: THE MUSICAL which first ran at the 4th Street Theater in the Spring of 2014, and went on to win awards for Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Direction at The West Village Musical Theatre Festival. Most recently, Hope produced Felicity Seidel's LUCKY CHICK at The New York Fringe Encores Series. Hope is also an alum of The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals, and produces with The 24 Hour Company whenever the opportunity arises. Since 2014, Hope has been the talent manager for Maddy Jarmon who is releasing her debut album this year.

Contact: chavez.hope@gmail.com


Steve Day (Founding Member) served as Artistic Director of Firebone from 2005-2010. He has his MFA in Stage Directing from Baylor University and was part of the Lincoln Center Directing Lab. He is the Creative Director and owner of White Board Animation Studio in Brooklyn.

Amelia Peterson (Artistic Associate) served as Firebone's Associate Artistic Director from 2010-2012. Amelia directed Hans Dumm in Firebone's recent holiday show, Long Long Ago. She earned her BA in Theater from SMU.


Joshua Alan Peterson (Artistic Associate) served as Firebone's Artistic Director from 2010-2012. He appeared as Hans Dumm in Firebone's recent Long Long Ago festival of fairy tales. Josh has his MFA in acting from SMU and his BA in Theater from OBU.


Lori Fischer (Artistic Associate) recently appeared as Elmadora in Firebone's Son of a Gun. Lori is a playwright, screenwriter, and actress and teaches playwriting at NYU, where she earned her MFA in Dramatic Writing. www.lorifischer.net.


Nikki Fleming (Event Planner) Nikki is a senior at The King’s College where she studies Media, Culture, and the Arts. She is an intern for the events department at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Recently, she assisted in fundraising events for EMARC (a non-profit in Massachusetts), as well as other corporate charity events, and student events at The King’s College.


Katherine Welborn (Communications and Development) Four years ago, Katherine left her hometown in Connecticut and came to New York City to attend The King’s College. Her passion was, and still is, to explore the theater industry in NYC and get involved in campaigns and organizations where she can help make a difference in the lives of others. The Red Flamboyant campaign embodies these two passions, and she’s so excited to be a part of the team!